Mark Messier

former Canadian professional ice hockey centre of NHL & General manager of the NY Rangers.


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Harry Allen

Hip-hop activist, journalist, writer.

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Penny Mallory

First woman in the world to drive a World rally Car, Motivational speaker, TV host.

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Vito Di Bari

Vito Di Bari is an acclaimed futurist, author, and an authority on innovation. He is “the new European guru of innovation,” according to The Financial Times.


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Steve Wozniak

Computer expert and philanthropist, Co-Founder of Apple Computer, Inc.

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Alastair Campbell

Writer, communicator and strategist best known for his role as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman, press secretary and director of communications and strategy.

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Carl H. Hahn

Chairman emeritus of the Volkswagen Group. He expanded the group's car production from two million units in 1982 to 3.5 million a decade later.

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25/04/2012 Niki Lauda in Bratislava at Orange Forum

16/04/2012 Social Network Marketing



Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

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